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Yifan Li

Yifan completed his Undergraduate degree from University of Alberta and is currently pursuing his Masters of Science also from University of Alberta, Canada. He joined us in September, 2021 and currently is a MSc Student in our team.

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My Work

My Research Interests are Hybrid investment Casting, Lattice Unit Cell structure design,

Research Summary

Title – Hybrid print casting of lattice structures through additive manufacturing and investment casting.

My research project deals with Hybrid print casting for metal casting applications. The project aims to develop an economical and quick manufacturing process to manufacture single and binary material lattice structures for engineering applications. The main objectives of the project are:
Identification of optimum surface roughness parameters for 3D printed patterns

  • Considering the lifecycle impact of different sacrificial 3D printing pattern materials

  • Characterization of an aluminum alloy for rapid casting applications and comparison with additive manufacturing system

  • Techno-economic analysis of print-casting as an alternative to AM processes

  • Developing relations between the cooling rate and material strength for a given material system


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