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Additive Design and Manufacturing Systems Lab

We work towards advancing engineering design and manufacturing process productivity through discovery, research, and development of next generation processes, systems, and materials for the industries of future.

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Additive Manufacturing and Systems Laboratory (ADAMS Lab) carries out research and development in the area of advanced manufacturing with a focus on following areas of additive manufacturing technologies:

  • Robotic directed energy deposition 

  • Laser

  • Plasma transfer arc

  • Wire arc

  • Laser powder bed fusion

  • Hybrid additive-subtractive manufacturing

  • Hybrid additive print casting

  • multi-material metal additive manufacturing

  • Polymer robotic additive manufacturing

  • Polymer composite (metal/fiber/ceramic) additive manufacturing

In addition to additive and hybrid manufacturing, the research group has also innovated and carried out research in the area of computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing with a specific research areas including:

  • Multi degree of freedom path planning for robotic additive manufacturing

  • Single setup in-situ additive-subtractive manufacturing path planning

  • Continuous fiber reinforced polymer interwoven 3D printing

  • In-situ repair and rebuild remanufacturing process planning

The projects in design and manufacturing are supported by projects in sensor fusion technology and digital twining with a focus on:

  • In situ temperature sensing and digital twining of thermal histories in metal AM

  • in situ geometric sensing for metal AM

  • process automation in advanced manufacturing industry

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