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Shiyu Teng

Shiyu completed his Undergraduate degree from Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China and completed his Masters of Science from ADaMS Lab at the  University of Alberta, Canada. He joined us in September, 2019 and is currently working as a Research Assistant in our team.

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My Story

My Research interests are 3D Printing, Sensor Fusion and Machine Learning.

Research Summary:

My research aims to comprehensively investigate the process and the control of the quality of nano-treated 7075 aluminum alloy parts manufactured using an in-situ multi-sensor WAAM system. To reach this goal, my research consists of three parts: “WAAM In-situ Multi-sensor Monitoring System Setup,” “Process Parameters Exploration,” and “Heat Management and Quality Control.”


In the “WAAM In-situ multi-sensor Monitoring System Setup” section, three sensor modules are integrated into the in-house WAAM system and the accurate emissivity of 7075NT aluminum alloy is calibrated to obtain the correct temperature from an infrared (IR) camera. In the “Process Parameters Exploration” part, the energy feature of CMT in 7075NT aluminum alloy and the most suitable parameter for fabricating the 7075NT aluminum alloy are explored. In the “Heat Management and Quality Control” section, two heat management strategies are applied to the WAAM process to control the geometrical and mechanical properties.


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