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Braian Noelio Rivera Marcucci

Braian completed his Undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and is currently pursuing his Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering- Engineering Management from University of Alberta, Canada. He joined us in January, 2023 and is currently working as an MSc Student in our team.

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My Story

My Research interests are Engineering Management, Optimization, and Manufacturing processes.

Research Summary:

  1. High level research area:


Over the previous decades, the use of lean manufacturing tools has shown the continuous improvement of methods in which new challenges have been faced to minimize wasteful actions. The standardization and optimization of assembly lines, digitalization of information, and the automation of processes are the scopes that lean manufacturing tools havebeen facilitated to easily react to volatile markets. Value stream mapping (VSM) is one of the most important components of lean production systems. It enables a company to identify and eliminate waste, thereby streamlining work processes, cutting lead times, reducing costs, and increasing quality product.

  1. Specific problems and challenges


DURABUILT Windows & Doors manufactures custom windows and doors to fulfill customer needs and is based in Edmonton, Alberta. Some of their product specifications can vary from customer to customer. These variations can lead to bottlenecks during manufacturing processes, and they can also negatively impact company profits. They face challenges associated with lead times, unbalanced assembly lines, WIP, idle and downtime, and the flow of materials that result in wasteful activities. Since the company designs products based on customers’ specifications, there is a variation in time for every possible product being processed.  Consequently, a VSM is essential because it can provide a clear snapshot of the current manufacturing line with the ability to then propose a viable solution to eliminate waste.


  1. Proposed solution

The scope of this project pertains to assisting a local manufacturing company, DURABUILT Windows & Doors, with its window manufacturing process and identifying the areas of improvement to remove non-value-added processes.


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